I love to read authors like David McCullough and Bruce Catton because they are masters at weaving interesting, engaging narratives of American history.  I wish that many of our Social Studies text books would follow this model.  Below, I've written (and am currently writing) short narrative essays with this style in mind.  In my ever-growing resource library, you'll find concise and interesting summaries, graphic organizers, and comprehension questions to help guide you in teaching about the Revolutionary War.  They would also help you supplement your current curriculum, or if you are planning enrichment activities for elementary to middle-school aged children.

Feel free to use these materials however you like in your classroom or at home, but please consider purchasing a copy of Powder Your Wig; Songs Inspired by the American Revolution.  Thanks!

Causes of the American Revolution
Road to Revolution - Summary that leads through the events that caused the American Revolution
Road to Revolution Timeline - Graphic organizer that places the main causes of the Revolution

The Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence - A New Nation
The Declaration of Independence - Analyze and Respond

The United States' First Government
We Won, Now What? - Explains the United States' first constitution, The Articles of Confederation and its problems
We Won, Now What? Response - Answer key questions related to the Articles of Confederation
The Constitutional Convention - Summary detailing the convention where the U.S. Constitution was written
The Constitutional Convention, Response - Answer key questions related to the Constitutional Convention
Compromises at the Convention - Graphic Organizer showing three major compromises at the Convention
Compromises at the Convention, Response - Investigate the major compromises at the Convention
Three Branches - Find out why the United States Government was created with three main parts
Three Branches, Response - Graphic organizer showing the three branches of government
The Bill of Rights - Summary explaining the need for the bill of rights and a "kid friendly" version with questions

The Founding Fathers
Founding Fathers Matching - Find out a little more about 20 of the most influential Founding Fathers
Benjamin Franklin - Jack of All Trades
John Adams - Life of Service
Thomas Jefferson - Lover of Liberty
James Madison - A Small Man with a Big Plan
George Washington (coming soon)

Our Nation Grows
The Star-Spangled Banner - Explore the story behind our national anthem and analyze each line