My goal is to help students summarize important aspects of American history in a fun, engaging, and concise way!



It all started in my fifth-grade classroom as I was trying to imagine what a colonist living in America during the Revolution might say to King George III if he or she had the chance.  The phrase "Go powder your wig!" kept running through my mind, so I decided to use it to write a song about the causes of the American Revolution.  My students loved the music, and the lyrics really helped them grasp key concepts of our Revolutionary War unit.In light of this, I decided to write more songs that capture the main ideas of the American Revolution. These include the Declaration of Independence, a narrative of the war, the Constitution, and a biography on five of the most influential Founding Fathers.The end result came to fruition in the release of my first CD called Powder Your Wig:  Songs Inspired by the American Revolution.  My hope is that the music and other resources I've compiled on this site will help teachers and students alike in their pursuit to understand and enjoy American history!